Here's Andersen Op. 37, No. 25, or The Etude That Almost Didn't Happen.

This particular etude is tough! At first glance, it just looks like a whole bunch of arpeggios that stay in a pretty comfortable range of the flute. But then when you look at the key signature and see that it's in G-flat major, it becomes a whole new ball game. While I typically like arpeggios, the way these flow is just not intuitive for me and I had a really hard time getting this one in my fingers.

I finally decided that enough was enough and I didn't want to get stuck here and abandon this whole etude project, so I gave myself one shot to record and accept whatever happened. Hey, kinda like a live performance, right? Sometimes stuff goes wrong in a performance and The Show Must Go On! This time, I had a hair in my mouth for about two-thirds of this etude, but I really just wanted to get through it.

This is about the furthest thing from perfect that I could be putting out there, but I think its a good demonstration of the fact that performances sometimes just don't go well. But you know what? Nothing caught on fire, none of my limbs fell off, I'm still alive - if the worst thing that can happen is a wrong note, you'll survive!

Hey, it's an Etude of the Week completed early in the week! Amazing!

Drouet No. 7 is probably my favorite so far - technically it's not too difficult, but I really love how operatic it feels. Since this one moves throughout the range of the flute in such sweeping phrases, I really tried to make sure I was using my core to support the sound as much as possible. I'm still getting used to the new external microphone I'm using, and it was definitely a bit too close for some of the stronger high notes this time.

I really really promise I'm going to finish up Andersen Op. 37 this week, so stay tuned for another etude very soon!

Happy Monday! Here's a slightly belated Etude of the Week post - it was posted to the Facebook group on time at least!

One of the big problems with using all your fingers to play an instrument is that some are always going to be weaker than others. This etude was quite a workout for the right hand pinky! This week has been pretty busy so I haven't gotten to do my usual technique work, and I was really feeling the difference. Students, your teacher is really not kidding when she talks about practicing regularly and not cramming!

I hope to be back soon and try to get on a more regular posting schedule!


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