Happy Monday! Here's a slightly belated Etude of the Week post - it was posted to the Facebook group on time at least!

One of the big problems with using all your fingers to play an instrument is that some are always going to be weaker than others. This etude was quite a workout for the right hand pinky! This week has been pretty busy so I haven't gotten to do my usual technique work, and I was really feeling the difference. Students, your teacher is really not kidding when she talks about practicing regularly and not cramming!

I hope to be back soon and try to get on a more regular posting schedule!

Finally, another Andersen etude! It's been exactly a month since I recorded No. 23, so I figured it was past time to get on with it and get to the end of this book.

As a flute player I always love a good trill, and this certainly had plenty to offer. Because this is a trickier key there were lots of opportunities to use all kinds of alternate fingerings. Like a lot of Andersen studies, this one got a little repetitive, so I omitted the repeat in favor of getting it done.

I'm excited about the next books I have picked out, so hopefully I'll be able to wrap this one up in the next couple days and get on with some new etudes!

I recorded an Etude of the Week before Sunday! Yay! This one was a little deceptive, because don’t we all learn how to play a B-flat Major scale in the first year of band? The big challenge here was in trying to play as evenly as possible without rushing the “easy” fingerings. I also felt myself fighting a lot of tension this time around - memories of middle school band scale tests??

See you again soon, I’m finishing Andersen Op. 37 this week if it kills me!


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