Etude Encounters


Normally I would take Saturdays off from practicing - after a busy week, I just want to spend a day relaxing and working on some crafts! However, once I took my flute out to record today's etude, I ended up spending an hour practicing some new repertoire. I guess this challenge is doing its job!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Friday is a pretty busy day for me, so this is just a quick post. Now with new glasses! Yes, they pretty much look like my old glasses, but now in brown.

I took Number 4 at a fairly quick andante tempo, but I've never liked when things drag too much. This was a great etude for practicing clean single tonguing. I'm sure there are some arpeggios where my intonation could be improved, but since I was recording just one take in a hurry, this is good enough for today.

See you tomorrow!

Hello friends! I'm posting a bit earlier today because Thursdays are my shortest lesson day!

One thing I love about the etudes in this book is that they can still throw little tricks at even an experienced player. Number 3 is a delightful little 6/8 melody that's pretty easy to play at quite a fast tempo. But wait! The last three lines are full of sixteenth notes that will really cause problems if you're playing too quickly at that point! This etude is a great reminder to look ahead, plan ahead, and to stay on your toes.

See you again tomorrow!