Friday, January 29

6:00 PM

Concert Hall

Setting up for the recital:

  • Make sure we can see your face and instrument! If you wish to stand further away from the camera than you normally would for a lesson so we can see more of you, that’s great!

  • Please check that you have the latest version of Zoom and the correct audio settings! See this PDF for the best settings to use.

  • If you will be playing along with a Chamber Music Karaoke accompaniment, this needs to be playing on a different device than the one you’re using for Zoom.

  • Make sure that all notifications are disabled on all devices you’re using. You don’t want anything interrupting your performance!

  • You don’t need to wear super-fancy performance attire (unless you want to!) but please make sure your outfit is comfortable to play in! 

  • Please plan to attend your next lesson with your recital setup ready so we can troubleshoot!

Who can attend?

  • If you have family members who would like to watch you perform, please invite them!

  • Please let me know who to expect and what name they will be displaying on Zoom by emailing me by January 28.

  • In order to keep this event secure, I will not admit any unexpected guests to the meeting. 

  •  If there are two devices attending the meeting in the same household (for example: a performer with parents watching from a different device), these will need to be in different rooms to avoid feedback.

Meeting ID: 870 8025 1321
Passcode: 841090

Entering the Zoom meeting:

  • I will open the meeting at 5:50 PM, please plan on being early so you have time to solve any last-minute audio or video problems that might pop up. 

  • All guests will remain in the waiting room until I have verified that they are someone we’re expecting. If I have not received an RSVP for your guest, they will not be admitted.

  • If you are a performer, I will rename you once you enter the meeting to make it easy for me to keep things in the correct order - don’t be alarmed when you see your display name change!

  • All participants will enter with video off and audio muted. One you enter, performers only will be invited to turn on video. All participants will remain muted.

Piano on Stage

During the recital:

  • There will be a PDF program available to view or print at home. I am finalizing the program this week, so the program will be available on this page by January 25. 

  • All meeting participants will remain muted. When it is your turn to perform, I will invite you to unmute yourself.

  • Since we won’t be able to hear any applause, you are encouraged to use the reaction emojis and the chat to express your support for the performers!

  • Private chat will be disabled, so anything you type in chat will go to all participants. Anyone behaving inappropriately in chat will be removed from the meeting.

  • Students are expected to remain for the entire recital to support their fellow musicians. I expect that the recital should be about 45 minutes long.