Elizabeth Jolly flute

Where will your musical journey take you?

Let's find out together!


  • Are you just starting out on your instrument and having trouble keeping up?

  • Do you already love band and want more opportunities to play even more exciting music by yourself and with others?

  • Have you ever wanted to make it into the top performing group at your school, or audition for All-State but aren’t sure what to do to get there?


  • Do you have a kid that loves music and is ready for more?

  • Is your child having a hard time with band and you’re not sure how to help?

  • Are you looking for an experience that will help your child build confidence and great habits for music and life?

I’ve been down this road too - let me show you the way!

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Elizabeth Jolly and I’m excited to share my musical adventures with you!

I’m a flutist and teacher now, but along the way I’ve been a choir member, a saxophone player, and even an opera singer! All those stops along the way have made me a better musician and human, and I know that all your interests are doing the same thing for you. 

 It’s not about where you start or how fast you go on your path to becoming a great musician - if you want to move forward in the best way for you, I’m here to help!

Are you just starting on the path to music mastery and looking for a tour guide?

 Are you looking for new and exciting musical destinations after your first few years with your instrument? 
It doesn’t matter if that journey will be a straight line or if it will have lots of interesting detours along the way,

we can find your route together!

Keep Exploring

Learn about where I came from, how I got here, and where I’m headed!

How can lessons help you solve your problems and achieve your goals?

I’m still exploring too! Visit my blog to see what I’m practicing now!