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  • Do you ever feel like your fingers won’t move fast enough?

  • Are you struggling to find your own beautiful sound?

  • Have you ever felt unsure about those complicated rhythms you see in your music?

  • Do you practice and practice and practice, but nothing seems to stick?

  • Are you having trouble trying to figure out how practice fits into your routine?

I’ve been there too,
and I’d love to help you!

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If you love music and want to improve on your instrument, you belong here, even if you’re not sure where to start. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I want to meet you wherever you are right now! I’ve worked with students from age 8 to 83, so whether you’re young or young-at-heart I can help you with your musical goals in lessons that are designed

just for you.


  • Learn and master my #1 Most Important Rule of All Music All the Time Ever (If you already know how to count, it’s easier than you think!)

  • Learn how to find your own most beautiful sound.

  • Learn how to make your fingers fly!

  • Learn why your everyday breathing isn’t working for your instrument, and then discover the secret to breathing like a musician.

  • Learn about tonguing: what does that mean? Why is it important? What does it have to do with bread?  

  • Learn about how to deal with those performance nerves, and why it’s OK to feel that way.

  • Learn how to make music an everyday habit!

All that sounds great!
But how do lessons work??
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Welcome to
your lesson!

  • First, I want to hear how your week has been - what awesome things happened to you? What was maybe not-so-awesome that I can help you with?

  •  Then we’ll get into how the week has been for your practicing - what worked? What didn’t? How can we make the good parts into a habit for you? 

  • Lessons aren’t a lecture, they’re a conversation! Once we start playing, we’ll spend a lot of time talking about what you hear and feel while you’re playing, and what you like or don’t like about that. Then we talk about what to keep and what to change, how to fix the stuff you don’t like, and how to be your own teacher at home. 

  • At the end of each lesson, you’ll get an email including notes from your lesson, ideas and techniques for practicing, and your assignment for the week. Come to your lessons well-prepared and with an open mind and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve!

In addition to practicing by yourself (I know that it’s not always the most exciting thing!) you’ll have assignments where you play duets (or even trios or quartets) with me using our Chamber Music Karaoke recordings.

Students will show off their work in a recital at the end of each semester and will have opportunities to enjoy their success preparing for a variety of auditions and competitions.

Join the chamber music program to play in small ensembles with other studio members! At monthly rehearsals, you'll get the opportunity to play other members of the flute family, and your group will show off at the recital each semester!

My Teaching Philosophy

As a young musician, I had adults around me who believed that nothing was out of reach as long as I was willing to do the work it took to get there. I wasn’t born a flute playing genius, and I bet you weren’t either! As a teacher, I believe that it doesn’t matter what level you are at when we start working together. It’s my job to build on the things you already know, show you how to make new skills part of your daily music diet, and help you to make those skills grow.

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What my students say...

12th grade student

I have been taking flute lessons with Ms. Jolly for the past five years, since seventh grade. Under her guidance, I have been consistently selected for the All-State bands as a 1st Flute, and have received top scores in the district’s annual Solo and Ensemble Festival. Her lessons are engaging and interactive, and she often comes up with fun analogies to describe the style a composer is conveying through the music. The challenging pieces and exercises that she selects have pushed my musical boundaries and have allowed me to become a more versatile musician.

7th grade student

 Ms. Jolly is a great person and I really enjoy her classes, she is very interested in teaching more about the flute to me and I admire that.

parent of flute student

Elizabeth is a professional, creative and dynamic teacher. When my daughter, Myla, started the flute with Elizabeth, she was only 8 years old. Elizabeth overcame several challenges of taking a younger student including finding a special mouthpiece to accommodate Myla’s arm span. Elizabeth focused on fundamentals from the beginning, laying a solid base for Myla to learn and grow. I am amazed at how well she can play today! We couldn’t have found a better teacher to introduce Myla to the joys of music.

Spring 2023 Enrollment Now Open!

Spring 2023

Semester Tuition

$1013 - 45 minute lessons

$1350 - 60 minute lessons

  • Payment plans available!

  • Prorated tuition for mid-term enrollment

Tuition Includes:

  • 18 weekly lessons per semester (February-June)

  • Time off for holidays and school breaks is already built in to the schedule - no stress about rescheduling lessons!

  • Access to exclusive Chamber Music Karaoke play-along tracks

  • End-of-semester recital

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Join the studio!


Thanks for getting in touch!

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